Beyond Ninjatrader Brokerage - is IB the only broker offering Ninja? Any other options with Ninja?

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm just learning that the brokers offering (or being allowed to offer) Ninjatrader is dramatically reduced since the last time I was trading live.

    For futures trading, it seems like the only options currently are Interactive Brokers or Ninjatrader Brokerage.

    Any experience with the latter?

    Initially, I was planning to use Interactive Brokers as I've done in the past, but I think their margin requirements are simply too high for me currently (let's avoid that particular debate) and that was even prior to the current increase in volatility.

    I've read some unfavourable reviews of Ninjatrader Brokerage, but I've read some good ones also.

    Any ideas?

    I'd love to continue using Ninjatrader and trade live with it, but it seems my options are very limited.

    I am considering AMP as an alternative. An added benefit is that they offer intraday margin all the way until 5 minutes prior to the close, compared to IB/NT which cuts off intraday margin 15 minutes prior to the close. Of course, I won't be able to use NT with them.

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    Ninjatrader is the issue. In addition to selling you the software, they want part of the commissions. Wedbush futures can offer NT but NT does not allow it unless they are your broker.
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  3. Why not buyin it and use it with whatever.
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  4. @fordewind

    As far as I know, it's not possible. I would gladly pay for a license to use NT, but they don't seem to offer that opportunity. I can't understand how this can be a good business deal on their end.

    An alternative is to use NT for charting and execute through some other software with another broker, but of course, it would be best to have NT both for charting and executing trades.
  5. You`d also need to buy a data through kinetick or iqfeed to use it.
  6. I already have a data feed (IQ Feed) set up with Ninja, but no broker.
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    Do you own your copy of Ninja? If you bought it before NT Brokerage, you can use it with many brokers...
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    Ninja is just the IB for Dorman. I've used them through both Mirus and Ninja as the IB and the only problem was when Mirus wet the bed trying unsuccessfully to clone Zenfire platform in December of 2015. So it is Dorman who clears, holds the funds and sends you your statements.
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    As long as you purchased a NT lifetime license before March 2015, (you are Grandfathered) > you can use NT at AMP.
    Here are the rules set by NT:

    If you have any questions, please contact our 24 hour help desk in real-time via Phone or Live CHAT:

    We look forward to supporting you reach your trading goals!
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  10. Hi,

    I used to lease Ninja back in the day (prior to March 2015), but I guess that don't apply?

    Or can we make this work somehow? :)
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