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    Yeah, that's, uh, that's pretty pathetic. I didn't get the joke. Were we supposed to believe that was 2 different people?

    Whether it's meant to be parody or legitimate instruction, I'm not sure, but it sucked as either. Embarrassing to watch.

    YouTube continues to provide incontrovertible evidence that most people should not be famous.

  2. It should be shown to 5th grade students to convince them to stay in school.

  3. Garbage in Garbage out.

    This is what you will turn into if you watch too much of Cramer on CNBC.
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    He's just a kid, cut him some slack. Sure he has a long long way to go but at least he is in the game and having some fun with it. Doubt any serious money is involved and probably some good lessons soon to be learned at what is the best time to learn them, when you are young and don't have much money to lose. Good luck BnB, if you hang in there long enough to know what you are doing you will look back on these videos you have made and you will be amused.

    I just realized that you are an ET sponsor! Why? You have nothing to sell and nothing of value to impart as far as trading goes. You are going to need every penny to survive long enough to make it to where you know what you are doing, and your attitude suggests that it is going to be a long haul.
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    This is what happens when you have a forum where anyone (rather, most everyone) can come here and pretend that they are top dog in an industry where the real top dogs wouldn't even bother to take a dump on them. Too many people who post have a very high opinion of themselves.

    To use an Elite Trader label, there are way too many pikers on this board.
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    That did quite seriously sound like the same person...
  7. I can't believe his radar didn't pick up this thread....yet. Meth must be wearing off.
  8. I thought it was very informative.

    I never knew you should buy when the bulls are in control and sell when the bears gain control. How did such a young person figure that out?

    I just can't wait until Monday so I can try this strategy.:D
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    But remember he came up with a brilliant insight the most influencing factor in price movement is supply and demand this allowed the creation of the BNB method.

    hold on for more insights.

    What bugs me is there are some very stupid impressionable people out there who might be taken in by this rubbish losing their hard earned money following this crap money some of them cant afford to lose.
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