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    I understand the value of an ATR (Average True Range) indicator as it applies to a stock's volatility, but what would be equally important in my mind is the average and real time accumulated total movement of a stock. I.e. if you added up all of the ups and downs to answer the question what was/is the total accumulated movement of the stock? This metric would yield a better sense of day to day and intraday volatility/oscillation as a opposed to just a high/low range of movement. It would also be useful as a scanning filter to get a grip on what's moving and what's not or how movement is increasing or decreasing.

    I have looked for this type of indicator on TOS and Trade Station but can't find anything. Has anyone come across an indicator like this?

    Thanks for the help
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    Attached is an Esignal EFS indicator a friend coded for me a while back. If your decent with TS Easy Language you should be able to convert it. Basically it creates a self adjusting/non-static MA and plots the days actual range above and below that. The indicator also has all the popular type of bands but what you are talking about are noted as Maximum Price Deviation (MPD) bands.

    Hope this helps.

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  3. Wow They. Thanks for that. Let me convert it to EL and I'll let you know how it works.
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    I don't believe in ATR. Even though markets can trade within an average range often, the market isn't governed by it. Like EWT, this is another attempt to capture price movements without understanding what's really going on.
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    It don't believe in you, either.

    But then, you and the ATR both exist -- you're facts, whether you want to recognize each other or not. :wtf:
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    I think you're missing the point. The atr does not govern markets or effect price movements, it just averages a price range over xx amount of data.
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  7. If you are looking to trade volatility ATR is a good place to start, after that initial look at ATR there is much work to be done.
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    I think we get the picture, you run an agenda, you're unethical and not trustworthy.
  9. I trust him. And I follow him too.