Beware Tradezero platform delays

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    Reason why is stick to the "low level Mt4 platform" as some call it. Besides Foreschief server is the fastest I have used on mt4 and mt5. I have never traded with Zulu or Tradestation.
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    Unfortunately that is not the case at all. That information would be disclosed on our website if it were the case.

    As it relates to platform charges, once the month has begun, the platform billing has already been applied, and information related to the number of users having access to real-time data is also filed with the exchanges, thus refunds are not issued. That does not limit your access to the platform in any way for real-time data, news, charts etc.

    Platform outages and missing data is super rare. We do all that is possible to mitigate these issues, and we do our best to ensure 100% uptime of all of the platforms offered by TradeZero.
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