Beware Tradezero platform delays

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    Charts not displaying the correct price, watchlists won't save properly, crashes if you open a new level 2, crashes right at 9:30 am and doesn't come back up for a few minutes. It is just way too unstable to risk real money right now.
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  2. GotherL


    Some proof their software is messed up? In the chart you can see the price is displaying OBLN which is correct but in the Level 2 it freezes on Mrin even after I opened up OBLN or a different stock. This is a serious issue and it happens so frequently it's ridiculous!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. Does anyone have an update on the chart reliability? Has it gotten any better?
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  4. MartínC


    I am sorry but I do not use the platform's charts. Everything ealse is working perfectly in my experience.
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  5. Jandro79


    What about level 2? Who are you using for charts? I have TOS for charts and level2 but was thinking of test driving SpeedTrader and Trade Ideas together. Any thoughts? The no commission fee is too good to pass up though...
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  6. GotherL


    Another thing you should be aware of is they sell your information to HFT traders which is why they can offer free commission like Robinhood. I don't know exactly how these scumbags operate but if I were to make an educated guess is they target amateur traders and counter trade against them on easy to manipulate stocks.
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  7. Jandro79


    Thanks @GotherL. I just downloaded Trade Ideas and decided to go with SpeedTrader. Hopefully it work out since I'm on a mac. I installed Windows via bootcamp and so far so good.
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  8. GotherL


    More bad things to say....

    They just charged me the software fee of $89 when I only had $90 bucks left in my account. They changed the cancellation platform from manual to email/support out of the blue and that got me confused. Email them about it and this is what I get.

    Tonielle Mar 4, 21:00

    Hi John,

    No there is not. Have a great day.


    Won't give me a refund whatsoever I made an honest mistake and only because they changed the cancellation method all of sudden but they won't listen to my reason at all. That pissed me off so I said I was gonna take this on the forums and this is the response I get.

    Support13 Mar 4, 21:14
    We have thousands of customers and this is an automated process for billing. Meaning if you have enough funds in your account and have not requested a cancellation then you will be billed. You have paid for March. Do you want your ID cancelled? Also FYI we don't appreciate your last comment. We provide a quality service with cheap rates and quality customer service. If your not satisfied no one is forcing you to keep trading at TradeZero.

    They're threatening to cancel my account just for taking this incident on the forums. It feels like the customer service is run by toxic individuals who just don't give a shit about your situation even when it was partially their fault.

    I am gonna see if my deposit arrives. (It's taking much longer than usual.) I am having serious trust issues with them now with the way they treat their customers. Before it was just unprofessional software but now it's them as a whole. Their email support almost sounds personal which scares me! It's like at anytime they could just take my money if they so choose too.
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  9. Times


    Any legit source on this?

    Was thinking they could just make money on idle cash via interest, bonds or something. But I see they have an explanation:

    How does TradeZero profit from Zero Commission orders?
    The TradeZero smart router routes the orders to market centers that provide payment for order flow or rebates. These market centers include ARCA, EDGX, BATS, NSDQ and others.


    Anyone have any idea how much they can make?

    Anyways, I am thinking of using TradeZero, Its kinda strange tho you need to not trade for 1 day before withdrawing. Is that common for brokers? anyways seems to be insured by SIPC so I am not that concerned.
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  10. GotherL


    The market centers do not need to pay brokers to give them order flow that's bs.
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