BEWARE: The STORM Called the NEXT 2 TRADING is why

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  1. BEWARE: The STORM Called the NEXT 2 TRADING is why...
    go ahead and get your favorite economic calendar out...go to or with the economic reports due out and the European Central Bank decision looming and tomorrow's EIA Crude Oil report...WATCH OUT!!!...that is why there is a holding pattern in the market right now...note this...the EURO, DOW and CRUDE OIL will all MASSIVELY MOVE IN THE NEXT 2 DAYS FROM THIS TIME OF 4:58pm NEW YORK TIME...please do trade with CAUTION the next 2 days...this is not to even mention the tension in the world and unexpected events...please again, trade with MASSIVE caution!
  2. and try to be hedged if possible

    ( but do realize not all "hedges" work out the way you planned )

  3. thanks setharb...lets be tuned in the next 2 trading days...serious stufff
  4. agreed. for those of us that are too lazy

    here's Wednesday

    Bank Reserve Settlement

    Bank Reserve Settlement

    Monster Employment Index
    [Bullet] 6:00 ET

    MBA Purchase Applications
    [Bullet] 7:00 ET

    Challenger Job-Cut Report
    [Bullet] 7:30 ET

    ADP Employment Report
    [Bullet] 8:15 ET

    Factory Orders
    [Consensus] [Bullet] 10:00 ET

    EIA Petroleum Status Report
    [Bullet] 10:30 ET

    and here's Thursday

    SIFMA recommended early close 2:00 ET

    Weekly Bill Settlement
    52-Week Bill Settlement

    ECB Announcement
    [Bullet] 7:45 ET

    Employment Situation
    [Consensus] [Star] 8:30 ET

    Jobless Claims
    [Consensus] [Bullet] 8:30 ET

    RBC CASH Index
    [Bullet] 9:00 ET

    ISM Non-Mfg Survey
    [Report] [Bullet] 10:00 ET

    EIA Natural Gas Report
    [Bullet] 10:30 ET

    3-Month Bill Announcement
    [Bullet] 11:00ET

    6-Month Bill Announcement
    [Bullet] 11:00ET

    Money Supply
    [Bullet] 4:30 ET

    probably the two biggest will be the crude report and then the ECB announcment if raised then hello lower dollar and higher oil/gold
  5. I'll be tuned in to the Crude and NG reports. I'm stunned and amazed at what my Accredited Clients have gained in a NG program, where they own the asset, not the energy companies, by "piggybacking".:eek:

    They're getting richer by the nano-second!:)
  6. I'm not sure you are qualified to be giving any advice on what to do concerning the markets after reading this thread.

  7. Doesn't Trichet talk tonight somewhere? Thought I saw that on a Forex calendar somewhere.
  8. LOL. Yep, that was a pretty good thread. It puzzles me why people make such predictions. Think about how simple trading can be....if the chart says buy, you buy. It really isn't that hard.

    Today the chart said buy and hold overnight so the logical thing to do is buy and hold overnight. Right? Wrong? Who cares?

  9. ECB just sold 30 tons of gold yesterday; they're better raising its rate to make looking good on its gold trade. :D
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