beware of using others' computers

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by Wallace, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. local news hour show had the travel consultant on talking about the potential security
    threat to the user of computers when they're traveling - but not just travelers

    the computers might be those you pay $5 to use for 15mins - found here in grocery
    stores but could be located anywhere - libraries, a business center, in the hotel where
    the traveler is staying
    the problem being that keyloggers or similar software may be installed to record personal
    data, travelers/tourists in particular being vulnerable
    but any user making financial transactions, accessing online banking, entering cc /
    debit card / password numbers etc is threatened by data collection

    not necessarily the computer owner who's collecting the data but any thief who can
    obtain access to such computers and load data collection/re-emailing software
  2. Bob111


    using any PC but your own should be out of question for any person in his right mind..
  3. Anyone on his/her right mind would know better than do do sensitive transactions on a computer other than his own, and best be avoided. :)