Beware of this company Lee Fund Group

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  1. To whom It May Concern,

    If there is any Buyer/Seller which are come accross the name of :

    Contact Person: Mr. Seungbae Lee
    Job Title: Director
    Department: HEAD OFFICE
    Address: 14-101 New Golden Town 61-265 Yeonmu-dong Suwon-si, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
    Zip/Postal Code: 440-807
    Telephone: 82-31-2531103
    Fax: 82-31-2531103
    Mobile Phone: 82 10 6293 5155, E-Mail:

    Please be very carefully with this people because they are not the Seller or Buyer.The are coming with the deal of Russian D2,Mazut 100 and Jet Fuel. The are easily issued the ICPO. We have a deal with them as:

    On the 1st april 2007, we have finalise the price of Jet Fuel quantity 50 Million BBL x 60 months with the pricing of 61/56. The price was been confirmed by Lee Fund Group.

    On 2nd April 2007, my Seller has been send the FCO to them. Upon receiving our Seller FCO with 4 hours they are requesting for changing the pricing instead of 61/56 to 60/50.

    What is the meaning of "Irrevocable"!!!!!!!! They are not the buyer or seller and not eventhough the broker too.

    If anybody needs evidence on it here I would like to attach for you the ICPO with they are palying in the market as:

    Thank you and best regards,

    Jackson Ng

    The Mail from his people Mail to me

    Dear Jackson;

    Today, the Buyer has received more competitive price offers for JP-54 from other Suppliers. However, he decided to proceed with our Seller ONLY if the price is changed to 60/50.

    This produces a commission of $5 each, Buyer Side and Seller Side. However, we could reduce the Seller Side commission to $2 (One Dollar to Mr. Lee under the Table and One Dollar for all of us share). The allocation is very high (50MMT) and any small commission will produce big return.

    In summary, the price would be Correction: The new Gross and Net should be 60/50.
    Lee Fund Group is not the end Buyer and that is why Mr. Lee is very careful in commission structure.

    Please review with all the involved Groups and advise your suggestions in order to close this deal very fast. Please try to be flexible in accepting any amount of commission to ensure deal success.

    If the Supplier agrees, we need a revised FCO for the buyer to sign and seal.

    This deal can be closed in a week time, if we extend our cooperation and support.

    P.S. End Buyer is in USA and his Bank is Bank Of America. Hence, as far as payments method is concerned, we will have any obstacles.

    Awaiting your reply.