Beware of Optionetics Bait and Switch

Discussion in 'Options' started by Phlub, Jan 17, 2008.

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    Recently, I tried a 14 day trial to Optionetics Platinum and signed up for the '4-week Platinum Express Monthly Rate at $90 a Month'.

    However, I was SHOCKED last week when I discovered a $995 charge from Optionetics on my credit card for the annual rate. Only after calling to have them change it, did they point out that I fell for thier Bait and Switch fine print that appears at the bottom of the page.

    Now, I realize I screwed up, and frankly for the work I am doing right now, having the historical data base has been nice. But it could not say any more clearly at the top of the page what I was signing up for. And to make matter worse, the attitude at customer service was UNREAL! Like, tuff! You should have read it sucker! They could have cared less at how this bait and switch reflected on the company!

    Anyways, if anyone goes over to that sight BEWARE of Curious George's fine print!

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    Don't worry, losing the $995 will be the cheapest part of that "investment" if you decide to persue it further.
  3. Nanook


    Give your credit card company a call for advice/complaint/solution.
  4. jem


    If i were you I would screen print that page and save it digitally.

    I would then file in small claims court.

    Fine print does not always win over large print.

    Any good lawyer would come up with ways to take down george on that little trick.

    The above is my opinion based on the facts you provided. I am licensed to give my legal in opinion in two states.
  5. He is right - you have up to 6 months to dispute it - HOWEVER from my experience:

    You will need to show your credit card company that you have tried to disputed with the vendor (THEY WANT PROOF) email logs, phone (bills), letters * because if you try to disputed with your cc and have not gone through the vendor YOU will be out

    2 - find out any "fine print" on the agreement - because if they have it to charge you the $995 - ur fucked

    ps - keep in mind that the credit card company has no interest in you but on the vendor. True but sad
  6. More to the point, the credit card company is not in the business of providing free dispute resolution services.

    If they charged an amount they should not have charged (e.g. you never bought the thing, they charged the wrong amount, they mixed up account numbers), they will gladly fix it for you. If they charged an amount that you agreed to pay but now wish you hadn't for whatever reason (e.g. you didn't read the contract, the product turned out to be defective), that's not their problem.
  7. Phlub


    Thanks for the input. It is really sticky. At the TOP of the page, it VERY CLEARLY states you are signing up for the $90 Monthly Rate.

    Then, there are *'s all the way down the form for 'required fields'.

    Then, they sneak that little ** underneath it - BUT - there are no **'s anywhere else on the form. . . . .

    Here is the text at the bottom if you scroll all the way down:

    * * When your 14-day free trail period expires, your credit card will be billed $995 for an additional 12 months of service (annual subscription plan). Cancel anytime during your free trial and your credit card will not be charged. Memberships are renewed automatically. REFUND POLICY

    It totally the OPPOSITE of what it says at the top. Classic Bait and Switch IMO.
  8. I tear their shit up whenever I receive it in the mail, but thanks for the heads-up.
  9. Yep. You'd be surprised how fast they can get your money back for you in shady cases like that.
  10. why all the fuss?

    If you still want to use their service after 14 days then no complaints.

    if not, then call credit card and get them to do a chargeback. It's almost guarenteed you will get your money back in this situation.
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