Beware of online poker !!!

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  1. Please read this !!! For all addicted online poker players !!!
    Poker is a nice game, but online its a big scam.

    Thats why i am a trader and not a poker player.
    Because i never have luck.

    Read all and open your eyes. They are the same mobsters, like small
    trading brokers. They are all gangsters and Viktor Blom is supporting them,
    because this little pussy, dont know any other way to make money.
    no fairplay, only cheating.

    very entertaining stuff.

    Here i have found a nice text about money managment.
    Read this and transfer it into trading.

    (Quote from
    08.06.2012, From: Fidel
    my story
    Hi, My name is Fidel, I'm from a very far away country. I liked your website and I'd like to tell you my story.

    In 2009 I was 41. One day I read in my local newspaper a piece about one successful pro from my country. That got me interested and that night I opened a Pokerstars account. It was around 15 september 2009.

    I started playing immediately with the 1000 Playmoney chips they gave me.I didn't really know how to play the game. I just clicked buttons. I played cash games and lost them 1000 chips in 7 hours. So Pokerstars gave me another 1000 Playmoney and now I improved a little. They lasted for 5 days and again I was down to zero. Then Pokerstars again gave me 1000 Playmoney and this time I didn't lose them. I managed to slowly grow them to 5000. That took me about a month.

    One day around oct 2009 Pokerstars sent me an email saying I've been given 2 dollars of real money to play. I played with them for 3 days and I lost them. The opposition was too hard. I wasn't ready.

    So I went back to my Playmoney. I found out there was something called tournaments. I started playing Playmoney tournaments. In a month I earned about 30000 Playmoney by playing tournaments, and then I played one Playmoney MTT and I got to the final table. I don't know how I managed to do that. Well, yes I know. The people who play Playmoney were donks. They nearly always call. And I was very, very tight, and I never bluffed. I just waited and waited for a good hand until it came. When I had it, I bet and I always got callers. Thanks to that final table, I started December 2009 with 160000 Playmoney. So I decided I was ready to play real money.

    I made a 10 dollar deposit real money with credit card. That's the only deposit I ever made in Stars. I've been playing with those 10 dollars since then. With my first deposit I found out even the lowest buyin real money players play better and fight more fiercely than any Playmoney player. The first month was really hard for me. In Jan 2010 one month after my deposit I hit bottom with a bankroll of 2.30 $. I was playing the 45 man $0.25 and the cash game LHE $0.02/$0.04. That's all I played, and I was losing. I realized I was losing but I didn't realize what I was doing wrong. Then one day with a 2.30$ bankroll I played the 90 man $0.25 and the first time I played it I went deep and cashed, and I realized this is my tournament, I should play this.
    So I did and two months later my bankroll was $25. I was a winning player.
    I know now why I was successful at the 90 man and not at the 45 man. The 90 man has 15 minute blind levels, which is good for a very tight player, because he can wait more time for a good hand agains the crazy donks. The 45 man has 10 minute blind levels, not so good.

    In the meantime I downloaded Harrington's book from some site and I readed it in a month. I think that book improved my game.
    Around june 2010 I had about $40 and started playing MTTs. Several months later in October I hit a final table and my roll went up to $80. Then in May 2011 I got another final table and I got to $140 and In Jan 2012 another one and my bankroll got to an all time high of $255.

    In the past two months I had the worst series of bad beats I ever had and I now have a $225 roll. I suffered lots of losing AAs and KKs, sets over sets, losing full houses, every beat imaginable and I managed to lose just $30.

    The key to surviving bad beats is bankroll management. I almost never play more than 2% percent of my bankroll on one day. Usually I play 0.5% of my bankroll. If one day I play a $2 tournament and lose, I play $0.5 tournaments for the next 3 days. If I lose the $0.5, I go back to the $0.25. I am patient and careful. I am not going to have a bankroll below $200 ever again.

    Considering I started with $10 and now 30 months later I have $225 , I am a winning player who makes about $7 per month. That's not great, but it's something. I hope someday I can win a bigger mtt tournament.

    Anyway, pokerstars may be rigged. I suppose you may be right. I think when I go all in pre flop AA vs. another pocket pair, I think I lose more than 20% of all those hands. Maybe I lose 25%. So it may very well be rigged. I have been frustrated many times by bad beats. But nowhere else you can play and learn some many different types of games. If you go to a casino, you would need 2 years to gain the experience you gain at Stars in 3 months. Even if Pokerstars was rigged, you can make money anyway. I am proof of that. You can come to my house and watch me play. I am no robot. I have a day job. I dont work for Stars. I am from Argentina and no related with them. I am just a winning player who wins little money. I manged to do that. It can be done.
    Today I was busted with AA again. Tomorrow I play $0.25 again. Discipline and patience again.
    I am not going to have a bankroll below $200 ever again.

    Finally, if donks didn't exist, Poker wouldn't exist.
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    Reads a lot like trading for some (myself once). You can transfer money into a trading account instantly but takes days to get it out.