Beware of Black Monday/Tuesday

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  1. Cuz it could happen tomorrow.:eek:
  2. Yep it sure could happen next week, but it might not. It may happen the week after, but it might not. It may happen two weeks from now, but it might not. It may happen........
  3. Unless you can pinpoint down to a specific time of day on Monday OR Tuesday, Ill just trade what I see.

    Thanks for the insight.
  4. hmm.. Anything can happen. I believe the market is frothy however the trend is up. So don't go against the trend. Keep tight stops.

    When the top blows - BIDU,MA,GOOG,RIMM will be beautiful short plays.
  5. Let the earnings talk, not you, your clueless
  6. MattF


    beware of Black Monday, Black Tuesday, Black Wednesday, Black Thursday, Black well as Black Saturday AND Black Sunday.

    Feb. 29th? That's Black too.

    IOW, don't trade.


  8. I bet it will happen this Wednesday!
  9. DOW futures down a whopping 15 points and dropping like a rock. Oh my God, I'm selling everything tomorrow, the sky is falling (sarcasm)

    Dow has to touch 14k real soon so the media can feed off that nice even number and then we can retrace.
  10. S2007S


    You have to like these threads. I think your better off saying

    Money Making Monday!!!!!

    The futures are down tonight but everything changes by 9:30am.
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