BEWARE of bad TradeStation data!

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  1. Surdo


    First the matrix, now Times and Sales!
    What is going down next?

    I wish my girlfriend went down as often as TradeStation has today.
  2. jwecme


    Funniest thing I have heard in ages, good work, still laughing even now. My Ts is down as well so thakns for the humour it is appreciated.
  3. THank GOD I only use htem for charting cause this week has been crappy for them. I have not had downtime like this for TS so I am wondering what 21-year old nerd is working over there and tripping over the server plug and yanking it out while say in an Erkle voice "Did IIIII do thaaaaat?"
  4. Well said Surdo. Well said...
  5. Surdo


    Glad I have another broker to execute!
    What a nightmare. I knew I should have gone directly to the beach today.

    Brownsfan you were right last week!
  6. That should probably tell us all something - last week there were problems and I was being pretty vocal here about it and now you all are joining me! :D

    This is completely unacceptable.
  7. Surdo



    I have zero tolerance for this.

    They are now shut down after exactly 10 Round Trips from now on. (The monthly requirement for FREE platform fee).

    The other 50 customers in my group are now on e SIGNAL as of August 1.
  8. mktman


    Hard to use a free platform when it dont work LOL

  9. Check out DTN.IQ........I just started using it and I really like it with the Investor RT Volume profile tools. I still have Esignal but I will shut it down at the end of the month.



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    Something of interest to those who are interested in "delta"......



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    Quote from xmlschema:


    What do you use for charting and analisys?

    Funny you ask..........I just recently activated an Investor RT account with DTN.IQ feed (I have Esignal also) for this reason..........

    I am also waiting to get XStudy charting activated with a XTrader 7 account and I will use both services.

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