Beware Ninja Trader is locking up

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  1. I am currently a Ninja/Zen customer. I had a stop limit at 618.60 in ZG and when it traded at that price, but wouldn't fill, Ninja was acting funny, so I tried to cancel the order with red x. It was completely locked up, control center show nothing at all, no working order nada. I had go into task manager and end the whole Ninja session. As of the writing I spoke to John and Ninja canceled and go a refund, 1 day into my renewal.

    My mentor and friend has had his ladder lock up, but the chart keep working.

    Beware folks, this just cost my $40 per contract ( a profit it appears I should have had after looking at the chart ) plus a commission. I am glad I am just piking a 1 lot.

    Maybe in the future I will give it another go, but for now I don't believe it is ready for prime time.
  2. What would you suggest then?
  3. I am looking at proactive direct, which is private labled transact direct or I may go back to free X Trader with Velocity, although the platform cost is built into the RT commission. Velocity is very good, nothing bad about them.
  4. What is proactive direct? I am also looking to switch.
  5. Xenia


  6. Try NT on TT Gateways available through Velocity or Spike Trading. It has received very good feedback over the last couple of months - fast and reliable.
  7. I agree with what you are saying, but it's not the feed Zen is great. It's the damn Ninja Trader that's hosed up IMO. I have received quicker execution with Ninja/Zen than X trader at Velocity, but I have also had a lock up, bad ticks on the euro many times lately, incorrect reporting etc. I believe these are Ninja issues not Dorman/Zen Fire. Unfortunately Dorman electronic put all their eggs in the Ninja basket so I will most likely close my account.

    My friend, whom is having problems, also asked his friend whom specializes in software development. Their program coding takes too much resources compared to other programs except maybe TWS Java based! I have a boatload of RAM 1.5 gig and Ninja was hanging up when I would switch ER to ZG and other markets. Not ready, that's what I have to say. Maybe another try in the future.
  8. I'd be very surprised if Zen is really faster than xt. Trading over the internet introduces uncontrollable congestion at times - also, bad ticks in the euro are data feed problems not GUI (NT) problems.
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