Beware, Lie, Deny and Conspire to hide the Platform BUGS? review Transact Futures!

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  1. Please challenge my facts below all you want and I'll oblige by providing solid proof all you need but, do not mindlessly attack causing other future clients of TA forced losses as I have gone through.
    The full episode covers and documents TA's sad story of lying, denying and conspiracy to cheat with and hide their short comes and platform Bugs as a desperate effort to survive the struggle they must be confronting with their under staffed and overwhelmed development challenges run by very unprofessional and unethical individuals(please remember every word will be substantiated by hard core undeniable evidence).
    For starters, let the fun part begin:
    Can anyone identify what's wrong with the attached screen capture pic of my trading Dome?
    Hint, the prices shown under the cancel all buttons, are supposed to be the average entry price and the price highlighted by the green band is the last trade...
  2. another hint is that the Text labels at the lower right of the Dome are supposed to show the actual real time P&L of the trade at hand to the left and to it's right is the supposed to be accumulated P&L!
  3. I see. The Pnl on ES should actually be about $100+, not $-25 ...

    I have nto seen this on my version but thanks for the heads up.

    I also asked their support group how can I get the Pnl based on the inside quote and not ont he last trade.

    They told me it was based on the pnl. I wrote them back with screen shots by email telling them that was not the case. My pnl it is still based on the last trade. They never answered me back.
  4. wow,

    you were up $1,050 in the ER2 M8.

    on that platform,

    that is a miracle.....

    YesTrader is part of their underlying software and it refuses to be modified, improved or changed, just added to, which creates more bloatware that its worth discussing......
  5. Well the Trademaven/Transact days went very ugly as many know several years ago....I am not at all surprised that Transact attempted to build out their own software after that horrible experience. The problem for these brokers is, they either choose to team up with a platform software company or build their own platform. If the broker does not have the proper IT staffing and expertise then bad things can happen to a good company. I have demo'd TA software in the past but I did not care for it....hopefully they will take care of your situation.
  6. Thank you gentlemen for the affirmation and the support, specially the extra info which is helping put together the pieces of the puzzle regarding the TA’s denials, lies and the conspiracies…

    There is a lot more to my experience with TA which will surprise everybody beyond imagination as to how far a broker is willing to soil their reputation and harm themselves and forcing losses upon clients in addition to insulting and humiliating them too. In my efforts to go around the platform BUG I immediately got engaged writing my own API which I very successfully did and a perfect one too I may say, that I will publish a copy of the code here in the later posts that only never got conformed because the under staff developers could not get round to checking it out and after I complained about it after 2 months of waiting for conformation and suffering the losses imposed on me by the PnL BUG, they LIED and said the program did not function and when I got upset and sent in a copy of the whole code project to prove their lies to their other managers, then the developers said they had never said it did not function despite my having a couple of emails evidence from them to the contrary documenting their telling the sales rep that it did not function and insulting, cursing and humiliating me in the same emails!

    I was lured into TA by their low $3.40 comm. Which did matter to me doing 250 RT a day! But little did I know at the time that the eventual cost per trade will be excessively more than the highest comms. by any other broker multiplied by 100! At 250 trades per day I could not possibly maintain track of my P&L manually, specially when 90%+ of my trades were pairing which does not care about the direction just was scalping based on the PnL per trade based on erroneous, PnL produced by a major platform BUG that TA denies it ever existed and that it could not be replicated although I had given them the results of 4 months of my research of the same in full details to them and anyone could have replicated it, which I am sure they did but just for whatever reasons preferred to deny it and when I sent them the above screen capture and caught them by surprise when they were cornered by concrete evidence and could not deny it any more, they came back to me and told me to close my account with them and give disbursement of funds instructions!!!!!

    Please, stay tuned and follow the incredible evidences I’ll be supplying. I wish they would be ethical enough to join this thread and defend themselves and prove me wrong…but people who lie are also cowards.

    There is an old saying as we all know… there is a reason behind anything cheap… and in this case it fits TA perfectly well.

    Yes, the ES average entry price was supposedly 1381 and the P&L based on the last trade should have been +250 and NOT -25!!!!
    The ER2 trade had an average entry price of 706.60 as shown and reported by the BUGGY platform and the should have been showing -240 and NOT -90!!!

    As part of their denial and before my sending them the above screen capture, they had said that the problem was due my faulty internet connection and NOT their platform BUG! How much more ignorant or liars could one be to use such a childish and stupid reasoning, BTW, the bandwidth is shown in the pic as well as the perfect Bloomberg TV transmission at the time!
    After I sent them the pic. Was when I was told to close my account…
  7. piece of crap platform, used a few years ago and it froze all the time and the company was horrible at responding to problems. stay away
  8. I have been a Transact customer for over 3 years, and I have not experienced the problems you complain about. You say you have complained to Transact. Post your emails and their replies. You say you trade 250 R/T per day, yet your screenshot only shows you with 17 total buys. What day and time was the screenshot taken? I have never seen such a thin market in the ES. I don't trade ER2 but how do you get market depth 15 levels deep on the DOM in the ER2?
  9. Can anyone believe this S**T, TA blames it on the bad internet connection, just their crap logic, besides the fact that you can see perfect transmission of Blomberg in the background, regardless even with a bad connection, the LOUSY erroneous and BUGGY platform is supposed to calculate the P&L based on the Avg. entry and the last, OR NOT, please comment everybody on this I wrong!!!
    How dumb can the TA developers be to try and insult our intelligence... I guess they've fooled the TA management and thought to themselves why not the clients?!

    1- As you can see there's 1 ES with a short Entry price of 1371.25 and the last is at 1375.50 and the PnL should be at -212.50 and NOT the +$787.50 shown!

    2- The ER2 has an entry price of 701.10 as identified by the asterisk next to it and the last price as seen was 701.70 which should show a profit of $60 and NOT gigantic LOSS of -$2470!!!!!

    how much more erroneous and BUGGY can it get? yet the TA people deny the BUG and the platform ERRORS and blame my internet connection... ridiculous.
  10. after hours... lack of liquidity!
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