Beware - Fringe media rumor - Germany to leave Euro?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Ivanovich, May 12, 2010.

  1. gobar


    without germany there is no euro
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  2. muller


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  3. zdreg


    with your handle u should have recognized the debasement of currencies a long time ago and followed through by buying physical gold..
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  4. achilles28


    I think the EU plans to dissolve fiscal autonomy of member states, consolidate taxing, monetary and budgetary authority under a centralized financial-wing, and re-emerge to fulfill it's ultimate goal - a SuperState.
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  5. clacy


    It will all boil down to politics, IMO. Does anyone have a grasp on how this issue sits politically in German and France?

    I have no clue, but if the voters start getting restless about bailing out the Mediterranean welfare states, then it could happen.
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  6. wait a minute alex.

    we will not fall for that here in europe.

    better stick your analysis to texas and neighboring regions, ok!
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  7. Zerohedge AND Kitco? Why not throw in "UFO Conspiracy Theorist Monthly" to round off the trifecta of credible sources :D
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  8. achilles28


    Is that what he says? Apparently, you're a bigger fan than me.

    ECB now monetizes eurozone sovereign debt. Next step? Put the offenders on a tight leash. Greece didn't like it either. Tough luck. You think Germany and France will sit idly by and let the PIIGS continue to spend their money?
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  9. I wonder...

    Deutsche bank has about 10 Billion Euro's in deposit in my European country.

    What would happen to it should Germany exit the Euro?
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  10. Interesting question. If they did, the Europe Zone would be left with Britain and the Pound, Germany and the DM.. + all of the weaker economies in the Euro.

    What do you call it when all of the weaklings band together??
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