Beware - critical flaw in IB Ideal Pro

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  1. First think longer so you dont have to keep changing your posts!!

    Second, would you not say my mottos are equally yours or IB's mottos? you seem to be doing the same thing ie it is never your fault!

    m8 give it a rest and dont expose it further
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  2. IB is a good broker in stocks,futures,options. IB is not a good broker in Forex, its just that simple.

    If you want to trade Forex, find another broker. IBs software has serious flaws that will leave you frustrated shhhhh dont tell anyone I told you that. IB has damage control personnel here on ET to disrupt and discredit any negative comments in regards to IB.

    One of the main strategies to break up threads that a critical of various companies is to bring in support and start using foul language and alot of curse words.
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  3. Eagle Eye,

    You're just getting weaker and weaker.

    I can't be bothered repeating it ... so try rereading the earlier messages. It might sink in. Good luck.
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  4. Its a lot. And you think you have the high ground with your cogent criticism?

    "A bunch of excuses is what you offer, placing the blame on the banks. Your business model for FX sucks! so does your customer service."

    "IBs Forex program sucks period. Once an oreder is executed, your have no information on the quote line, how stupid is that."

    You guys have become as boring as you are ignorant. Why don't you just chat amongst yourselves.

    Good luck (you'll need it) :D :p :D
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    You really believe that?
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  6. Lol, apparently kiwi is never weak, because he does not think before writing, all he does is just posts some illogic crap.

    Read what is said and if you can make some sense of it instead of replying for the sake of replying.

    Be professional, and then again if you representing IB, then its fine continue..
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    This by IBJ?:

    Not a market maker in forex, because they don't take the side of every client. If TMBR happens to have a standing order and you happen to have an order which is marketable, you MIGHT get match with TMBR. But I can tell you that I never was matched with TMBR. I've been matched against other IB clients(rare), UBS, BEAR, DBFX. Next time you trade spot FX with IB, check your execution reports to see who you were matched with. 99% of the time it's going to be with a major bank.
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    Kiwi is never weak because he actually makes useful contributions. One of late concerning IB's data feed is going to to be implemented. He brought the issue to the public and IB's attention in a professional way and not like a whiny baby piker who can't take resposibility for their own trading.

    He criticizes IB for things that affect professional traders. Not for the wanna-be pro, cross my fingers hope to retire in 2years with my $5k account, crowd.

    That said, is there a flaw in IB's system? Sure is. But one that only affects piker trades. Because you can trade a sub standard lot in FX doesn't mean you should. Retail standard lot is 100K. Pro standard lot is $1mil - $10mil. Anyone who knows anything about FX knows that inorder to trade sub standard lots, you do so with a Market Maker (Oanda, etc) and not with an ECN type forex broker. But the "whiners" are always the one who never bother to take the time to understand the instrument they are trading because they're so eager to either get their feet wet or have big dreams of paying off their mortage by ballooning their $2000 account. It's classic. I was once guilty of it. But I was 18yrs old then.
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  9. Very impressive! good round of applause to kiwi and you for bringing it to my attention! Now I can rest reassured that there are some responsible and professional staff out there.
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  10. A Market Maker does not have to take the other side of every order to be considered a Market Maker - look at stocks, options, futures, etc.

    I have TMBR on my execution reports frequently - that is why I posted until they changed their intitial denial to acknowledgement. Timber Hill, LLC is a global arbitrage trading group operating as a Market Maker... Period.
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