Beware Cheap Chart Services!

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by LindaJolley, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. For only $30 you can lose your ability to connect to the Internet.

    Without even spending the $30, I downloaded chart services from Worden -- Telechart, and Stockfinder. Now I got NUTHIN -- can't even connect to the Internet no more. I lost about 40 hours struggling to open the programs, never made it, and their tech support turkies won't even help me solve the problems caused by their software. I gotta frozen laptop that won't respond to any of the available help advice, and I lost so much time from my work that I can't hire an expert to fix it. The tech turkies claim my problems were caused by the fact that I only use wireless, not DSL. But heck, some folks trade from airplanes now. But not with this cheap service, I bet.

    I will probably go back to Metastock, where they DID give decent tech support. But if YOU have a chart service that lets you program your own indicators and backtest, and no problems with tech support or the download, please give your input.

    Linda Jolley