Between monetary polices

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    Between monetary polices
    Where are markets heading to?


    At the time of stock exchange drops, the FED boss, Ben Bernanke, said to his colleagues:
    "Buy everything, I shall give you so much money that you will be able to do so. You can get as much as you want. Later, when assets get dearer, you will make dozens of percents whilst you give back a mere few percent, at around the nominal value. We shall declare this program as our joint success."

    In this way the pockets of Ben Bernanke’s colleagues were filled up risk-free and more rapidly than during the previous boom.
    Instead of allocating assets by market forces, where the discounted shares and equities would be acquired by those investors, who know how to multiply money, creating added value in the process, they ended up with individuals who had caused the crises in the first place and who were indeed creative, but within the area of creative accounting.

    the best way to make money be a Bernanke friend :cool: