Betting on Baidu

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  1. Guys, I shorted some stocks at 199 . any clue on statergies..
  2. Have one of these handy, you will need it when praying

  3. is reporting Inc. stock symbol BIDU increasing income, increasing assets and increasing equity. reports BIDU stock price trading near historic high price on increasing volume. I observe BIDU stock price increasing above the high price of the 22 month trading range on 19 June 2007.

    I wonder if you studied the stock price behavior of other companies early in their growth phase. You might consider looking at charts of CSCO, AMGN, MSFT, INTC, and AAPL.

    If you wish to fight Mike Tyson

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    you might want to first study Mr. Tyson's boxing history.
  4. Tison is not enough to handle the Pressure..

    I got money!! Thinking on when to cover..
  5. cover now

    or cover at 230
  6. You won't have money very long if you don't have an exit strategy before you make a trade.
  7. Those Puts I bought are kicking ass! This stock was way overpriced. Easy money being short this pig lately it seems.
  8. :eek:
  9. Baidu is a good stock to short, but not right now.

    Baidu is a member of the second dotcom bubble and the china bubble.

    Both bubbles had not bursted yet, so be careful.
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