Betting Against Bitcoin With Options

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    Eww, bunch of affiliate links to unregulated binary brokers. No thanks, throwing your money in the toilet is a better investment. Same can be said about Bitcoin, the main problem is the security of it. Exchanges constantly go belly up, theft is widespread etc. etc. Not to mention the insane volatility. Ah the beauty of the untouched free market. You can keep it, thanks.
  3. Say nothing bad about bitcoin here. Dolls with pins will be forthcoming if you do.
  4. The bitcoin rally is like a biotech rally on steroids. All it takes is a trend of bad news for the price to crash. It's going to get regulated eventually, because it is too easy for money laundering. The only thing it has going for it, as of now, is it's decentralized.

    You have to look around and do research. Ever heard of liberty reserve? It's been seized by the feds. E-gold? Shut down. Bitcoin, like these other forms of currency, is highly subject to criminal abuse.
  5. criminals, really? I thought it was 99.9% Libertarian Patriot Bible Thumping Constitutionalists.

    Live and learn.
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    Why? ........ The broker gets 100% or 30%. You get 0% or 70%.

  7. the prenimus would be so high it would be no different than shoritng it
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    Indeed, do your research.... which is something you didn't do yourself! And here is why:

    Your examples of "Liberty reserve" and "E-gold" are both centralized forms, created and managed by one central (and indeed criminal intended) organization. They are shutdown for a good reason.

    Bitcoin is a completely other beast. It's decentralized and not managed by one entity, but by any individual who has some useful application for it. By definition it's up to the individual how to use it, and by definition there are only a few criminals among us (the same percentage which uses USD for instance).

    Just some dolls with pins :)
  9. I love how no one has done the real basic research and regurgitates misinformational talking points.

    Short BTC at your own peril. I hope you do well, though. I also believe it will go down at some point, but 2015 seems like way too much time.
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