Better use of $700B

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  1. To setup a new American National Bank to lend money out, let small banks go with the bad debts, might be a way to reduce national debts.
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    1 yay from me!
  3. the gov't needs to add liquidity.
    They should guarantee loans through fannie or freddie to home purchasers at 5.5 %. If all the scum bags in foreclosure can Qualify for a 30 year fixed then let the gov help out and they survive. But idiots that took out loans they can't afford and the wallstreet scum and banks that were greedy and packaged all this shit up shouldn't be bailed out.

    Gov't should also try and make money available to small business and student loans.
  4. Agree, give $700B to these banks will solve nothing, they just got burned, they will put the money under their bed and will not lend out.
  5. I didnt know they were giving it to the banks. I thought they were buying the paper at a discount so the banks could free up capital.

    Thanks for correcting me.

    Bring back public hanging.
  6. Site below gives some idea on the quality of paper banks trying to get rid of:
  7. Let's put that $700 Billion in perspective. It's less than 20% of the cost of the war in Iraq.

    At what point will americans realise that the money wasted on this so called war could be better spent at home.

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    The way to fix this mess is to stimulate the economy by spending 100 billion on infrastructure projects around the country. This will create good jobs which in turn will create more jobs since them employees will spend their money. That's how you fix this economy by getting people to work not by bailing out wallstreet. Because if you bail out wallstreet you still have mainstreet with no money so homeprices will still decline which is causing this problem.