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    went to a better trade training class, the commercials that r on at 2 in the morning, for a laugh. first, it not a trading class its a 2hr sale of their paid course.

    4 people showed up. the guy giving the presentation asked me what broker i used. i said i d rather not say. he got pissed off and said if i wasnt going to give any info why should he share any with me. i sat there for a minute wondering if he was joking, then i guy came over and asked me to leave. i was the only guy there with trading experience, 7 yrs and they asked, and they wanted me gone. i was there for about 5 minutes.

    he started out by saying he had a terrible accident and ran up 500k in medical bills with no way to pay. he then discovered trading and he made almost all of it back in a few years. after taxes he would have to make 1k a day every day. then he started trying to sell their paid training course. then i was kicked out. there were 7 or 8 of these guys from better trades there and they were really aggressive.

    u also couldnt ask any questions out loud, they wanted u to write them down so nobody could poke holes in what they were saying as they went.

    i was told i would recieve $199 of free trading information and that turned out to be a dvd that i gave back. so if you want some very uncomfortable comedy, better trades is it