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  1. Babak


    Here is a transcript of e-mail exchanges with IB support. A six month turnaround for e-mails is not too bad is it?


    Dear Trader,

    Thank you for your email.

    We are looking into your inquiry. You will receive an answer from us shortly.


    IB Customer Service

    In response to:

    Thank you for your reply. However the problem is that the exported trades do NOT match the e-mail execution reports (due to rounding errors) this causes a headache in record keeping. Please correct your systems as this is causing all your users problems (see recent thread of IB at
    Thanks guys and keep up the great work.

    >Dear Trader,
    >The system was built on the fractions so they kind of have to rework the
    >behind it.
    >It is something that we are aware of. You might see these from time to
    >IB CS
    > on 05/30/2001 05:39:41 PM
    >To: Help/Interactivebrokers@Interactivebrokers
    >Subject: Accounts
    > Subject: Accounts
    > Topic: Account Statements
    > User Name: XXXXXX
    > Full Name: Robert XXXXXX
    > Account Num: XXXXXX
    > E-mail:
    > Message:
    >I have received a daily summary of executed
    >trades that includesa four digit price for a
    >stock. For example 34.9098 How is this possible?
    >isnt decimalization 2 decimal places? ie 34.90The daily
    >executions that I exported and saved however does
    >notshow more than 2 decimals for same transaction/security.

    Anyone else had/have the same problem?
  2. I have noticed this as well. I'm a newbie, so I just thought NAS went to 3 decimals. For example, my monthly IB stmt has me selling RARE for 24.399. I take it that's really 24.40??

    (This is fairly common for me. It seems to have just been happening in the last couple months.)
  3. By the way, I noticed that more than 2 decimals shows up in the Account/Executions window as well.
  4. alanm


    In the last couple days, I've received a couple of these form letter responses to emails that were quite old and no longer relevant.

    The primary guy that handled the email from customers (Dan) was let go a couple weeks ago - a real step backwards now for customers. They're apparently now sorting through his email archives to try to act like they're being responsive. From my experience, the problem was not Dan, but instead, roadblocks that he ran into when trying to get those problems solved.
  5. same here, I got about 10 emails yesterday that they were looking into some suggestions I posted last year. For all I know, this could just be a bug in their tracking system that sent out default messages.
  6. Yep, i noticed the same. Must be a mailer bug or something like this.
  7. Pabst


    Same here. Least I now know I didn't re-send a bunch of old e-mails.
  8. Yup,

    Dan was a real loss for IB. He would get things done immediately. Plus, he had a brain and could figure things out.

    Hopefully, IB will find others like Dan sooner rather than later.
  9. ktm


    IB should start to lose some customers soon. I just spent 28 minutes in the hold queue to report the same problem for the 9th time. Each time I have a specific order and each time they have to call the exchange. I am considering making this one of the duties of one of my call IB and sit on hold and explain the same problem over and over - since it's costing me more than them at this point.