Better Cover Those Equity Shorts at the Open on 11/06

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bone, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. bone

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    Slow, steady trend of higher lows in the equity indices lately, rate-cut expectations, Harvey Pitts' resignation, and now Republican control of the Congress and the Senate.
  2. OK, let me get this straight, market has been going up - so trend up and trend is our friend, rate-cut - good for the market, Pitt gone - we just hated his looks, Republicans in control- good for business. Buy the market on the opening , a can't miss, Oklahoma guarantee, no way to lose trade, nothing but good news, .......did I miss anything?. Boy I hope Alphie and Tampa see this....we are going to make money today.
  3. dgmodel

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    correct me if im wrong but wouldnt a rate cut be bad??? (markets already factored in .25) wouldnt that imply that we're in worst shape than we initially thought???
  4. Would it be more prudent to cover at the open, or employ the 30 minute rule?