Better Cover Bears!

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  1. Either Wednesday/Thursday is going to be a gap up and run day! Likely Thursday according to my estimates and chart analysis.

    I would not be holding short positions overnight!

    You read it here.
  2. I just bought JPM $37.48-$37.50. Lets see what happens.
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    Judging by the beachball known as QQQQ you may indeed be right. Up 5 of the last 6 days and holding close to 8% rally from last week's lows.
  4. what are you thinking?.....continuation of the bearish outside day tomorrow down to the uptrend line and then a bounce back up over 1315 to confirm the breakout?
  5. The faster they climb, the harder they fall.
  6. That would be nice. :) Here's hoping.
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    Reminds me of your last "prediction" on the morning of 7/31:
    In case you forgot, ES was down 20 points on that day....
  8. yeah, ok... Merril just told bloomberg investors are underestimating the scope of the financial crisis and said its "FAR from over".
  9. Hows the yacht today skipper??

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    no need to keep track, he will just make another 'prediction' under a new name if this one fail.
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