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  1. Just wondering if anybody has been using this site for a while. Any experiences? Anybody not get paid out? Any problems? Thanks.
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    I just looked at their website - Is this for real? The site looks too professional to be a hoax.

    When you enter parameters for a proposition bet, the calculations are lightning fast and it looks like it is legitimate.

    I do not trade currencies, but this intrigues me.
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    Those are purely gambling websites. At least in casinos there is a chance to hit a million dollars jackpot.
  5. stay away from that crap; if u wish to trade binaries
    try binexx...not that is a much better place but at least it's a real mkt.
  6. Bit , did you ever took any exotic bet (a la riskarb) so far ?
  7. ...And? Good experience? bad? Good liquidity? Good prices? Good interaction with customer service? Good statements?
  8. It's pretty new, so liquidity isn't all that great. They don't take the other side of your bet. You can place a bet, or look and match another user in the order book.

    They just made some alliance with the CBOE to increase traffic. They give you first 30 days free from transaction costs, after that it's like a buck fifty(less if you trade size). The spreads are pretty tight from my experience.

    I have not had interaction with customer service(haven't needed to), their statements are good. You get email'd fills, orders, statements, and can trade many macro events, housing #'s, employment, etc.

    Overall, this is a good primer for the binary market w/out getting involved with the I-banks to place trades, where the notionals are out of reach of most of us retailers.

    Liquidity needs some work, but you can start with very little capital. I give it a B.
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    Yes I have used them , they are legit. They used to accept netteller deposits but it look like they dont now.

    I would not use them for the daily market bets, their commission is way to high. is much better for this.

    For longer term bull-bear type bets the commission is much lower.

    The advantages of these type of sites is you can make a directional bet on the market and can do it on a small scale if you wish. You can bet 10 dollars or less.
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