Beto running for president.

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  1. Maybe he can have that rising star Stacy Abrams from Georgia as his running mate because if you are a loser in the dem party that makes you presidential material.

    It's complicated. A couple sips of kool aid and it all makes sense.
  2. It's easy to mock them, but a few thousand more illegals voting, and we would have Gov. Abrams in Georgia, Sen. O'Rourke and Gov. Gillum in Florida. Two incompetent race hustlers and a guy who makes AOC look thoughtful.
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    So Beto is a weird kind of guy who is either going to rocket to the top or crash and burn. He definitely has personality and charisma.

    He is very weak on policy but has decent instincts. He is much more moderate than the left or right will admit to and I find that interesting.

    We’ll see what Beto can do. He did well in Texas in a race he should not have done well in.
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  4. Beto is as phony as his culturally appropriated name. He , and every other one of these nitwits, other than Bernie, in the current line up are running for a V.P slot or top cabinet position.
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  5. Boggles the mind that the dem party has shifted so far to the left that a guy who stands in front of the border wall in El Paso and says he would tear it down is now touted as a moderate.
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    Tony Stark

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    I don’t see how Beto fits into the VP role or any other cabinet role. He may but I don’t see it.

    As to the field being full of not witts, they are not but it’s not like this will be a battle of the minds when they go against Trump. It will be big promises and petty insults all the way through Election Day.
  8. Add some very big scoops of extreme ugliness in to the mix and I can agree with that. Nothing serious before the primary voting actually begins- then it is going to get very rough.

    No one is unleashing their oppo research before then. I wonder what Fauxcahontis's application to Princeton looks like. Oh, I see, because it is just natural for people to transfer from the University of Houston to Princeton.
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