Beto - 2 Degrees Celsius

Discussion in 'Politics' started by LacesOut, May 15, 2019.

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  2. elderado


    So...what exactly has Skateboard Jesus done as a result of his beliefs? He drives a minivan (not electric) and goes through the drive-throughs at Whataburger.

    Fucking hypocrite.

    Typical tard.
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  3. Probably Booker will get on that bandwagon and argue that life is still unliveable in Newark due to climate change.

    Yeh, that's it. All that gunfire and needles from climate change.
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  4. Here4money


    You realize average global temperatures are different than local temperatures right?
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  5. Apparently Beto is out campaigning for Trump.

    Let him run. He is an idiot.

    Typical pussified dem male. He will want to pass legislation to require men to sit down when they pee and probably can explain to men in Texas why that is a good thing. Another Starbucks Cowboy.

  6. It's opposite day with you every day, isn't it?

    He is of course correct. You are the FUCKING dim, not him.

  7. I don't think that he knows how to set the temperature on his oven.
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    Yeah I do...apparently white boy Beto does not.
    Forget the fact that he’s totally out to lunch....
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    He is, of course, correct.
    No proof no evidence...just Nostradamus.

    Our fearless politicos telling us we must pay or we will all die.
    Are you guys that fucking gullible?!
  10. LacesOut


    “The Democratic nomination is gonna come down to Beto vs Biden in an epic battle between the dumbest boomers and the dumbest millennials.”
    Matt Christman
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