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    If a barrel of oil gets over $100.. Our all mighty socialist messiah will nationalize the oil company's....and why not ? It would flow right along with the current theme of the day., the invincible O-Bammy will blame the speculators and all the greed mongers,,get the sheeple all roused up by the fact that the price at the pump is totally out of hand , rush in to save the day, and once again rescue the common head in the sand citizen from the the wrath of capitalism by taking over the oil company's.

    So far the game plan is working fine...the politicians tripped the economy through the housing industry, the bottom fell out,, the domino effect has rippled through every corner of the market, as things have crumbled the politicians are blaming all of Americas major corporations for their greedy mismanagement , you know,,the AIG's and GMC's....easy as 1,2,3...A,B,C (pretty slick) "What the hell is the president doing rolling in and FIRING CEO's ???? (even slicker) the clown has never even managed a paper route,yet he knows whats best for the worlds largest corporations ?? WAKE UP PEOPLE !!! Capitalism, Freedom and raw American desire to succeed has been the driving force behind today's civilization as we know it...all of it... PERIOD! and it's all being undermined by a radical leftist socialist agenda designed to pacify the millions of worthless (voting) bastards in this country that want it all handed to them rather than taking life by the throat and making it happen, demanding results from THEMSELVES.....(pussy's) You remember...trail blazing...American dream stuff... Land of the free..Home of the brave.

    I'm saying SHORT IT !! screw the technical indicators,, forget the inventory numbers let OPEC and all of Saudi Arabia fall to there knees, if it wasn't for America those people wouldn't be shit anyway...they've had it so good for so long that they think they're in control,, much like our own politicians... " who is working for who here" Remember the movie '300' ?? Check this out...there are only 560 some-odd law makers in this country pushing around 300 million of the 'WE THE PEOPLE' citizens ! W.T.F. ??? worst of all we are allowing them to do it... Term limits and land owner only voting rights in this country would fix that crap in a New York second.... I could go on all day-

    We as futures traders make the same money when price goes down as we do when price goes up..."get the trend DOWN" ASAP !! don't let Oil get anywhere near $100 a barrel,,get the word out,,this our only weapon to disrupt the plan.....think I'm crazy ???

    "BET YOU A NICKLE" :mad:
  2. sounds like someone's getting hammered on their short USO position...

    bet you a nickel.
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