Bet vs. Support candidates etc.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cgroupman, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Since I really don't like name calling, like the GoP thread, I thought I might try to address this idea of how we 'feel' vs how we would bet. Give us an idea of reality, maybe, and something to refer back to in a few months. Sort of like our own little Intrade.

    To start, please add your own people/ideas.

    Romney to win GOP bet wishlist
    Romney to beat Obama bet wishlist

    Huntsman to win GOP bet wishlist
    Huntsman beats Obama bet wishlist

    Paul to win GOP bet wishlist
    Paul beats Obama bet or wish?

    How about even a list of number 1 choice vs. bet, number 2 etc.

    I'll venture $1.00 Romney wins GOP, and a very close Obama win, and I'm not sure if I wouldn't go with Paul as a bias.

    Come on, something to look back on.

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    Yeah, we get it already!

  3. I started a new thread, sort of because you had a point. Still pretty quiet out there.

    Either 'side' - middle, whatever. Come on people.

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    I don't hear that everyday! :D

  5. I'll bet.

    And, as I said in the other thread, just call them predictions, no bets, just how the opinionated would predict - for or against their actual ideological candidate.