Bet an afternoon rally July 17th, long QQQQ from 36.15

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qll, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. qll


    Looking good.
    Long QQQQ at noon time. Mideast looks going to have the worst behind us for at least TODAY. Dead foreigners will bring a stop at least for 1 day.
    Although at noon QQQQ's chart is having huge resistance at 36.15. I feel it is just day traders waiting to confirm directions.
    Will close my QQQQ positions before end of day. QQQQ should at least touch day's high at 36.25 once in afternoon.
  2. I cannot endorse his call,, THE AFTERNOON SESSION WIL BE WEAK!!!

    the amazing Rennick has spoken
  3. qll


    WEAK? if you mean light, I agree. Volume is very little and in tight range. I bet it will go up once the traders see signals. Today, there are two fake bullish breakouts, so traders are pretty carefuly now. I am still bearish on index in long run, because they don't include any stock I hold.

  4. you still in position? thanks
  5. Surdo


    Perfect fade!
  6. qll


    it was a 10c bet. i was ready to leave at 36.05, but waited it to bounce back to 36.09. lost 6c in that position.
  7. Simex


    Gimme a called sell right at the bottom, market immediately reversed to close up. Nasdaq went up from 2015 to 2043 at the end, gain of 28 points...

    If you were honest, you'd post and say that you got this one wrong....

  8. I guess I would admit that if we weren't talking about Monday, check the date first moron. I guess I'll have to start posting the date in caps for such snapperheads.
  9. Simex


    I don't accept your insults, childish name calling.

    Did I get dates wrong? Oh, sorry, I was busy. Not everyone posts and trawls this forum so avidly. Boring.
  10. I accept your weak apology, but you should pay more attention to detail if you plan on trading.
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