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    Is built by the people that do StockFinder - they look very similar. Does anyone have an opinion on StockFinder's scanning ability. Is it better than Trade-Ideas?
  2. I am not a user of the website you posted, nor Trade-Ideas (although I have demo'd it). I am a StockFinder customer and intend to stay one.

    StockFinder is a powerful tool. I use it for both intraday and longer timeframe scans. I do not daytrade without it. Charting in StockFinder is pretty good. The one negative thing about it is that it is a resource hog. I have turned off features I don't use and that has helped A LOT. I also had to build a custom scanning machine just to run it, but it was worth it.
    The Worden staff has always been prompt and helpful.

    The main difference between it's scanning abilities and something like Trade Ideas is that with StockFinder you can program your OWN signals vs. the prepackaged tradeideas ones.

    I think you can demo both, so why not try both demo's and see which suits you best?