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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ric, May 26, 2005.

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    I'm thinking about buying an 8hour video course from It goes for $398, which seem very reasonable, since I've seen BS courses try to sell for $4,000 +. Anyone have/use this course, and what is your opinion on it.

    Keep in mind I'm a newb trying to get from the reading books stage to the application stage, or at least papertrading for practice so I have real understanding. I've found books pretty much useless at teaching me to trade, it's like talking about swimming techniques and never actually jumping in. So, maybe these videos will put me in the right direction.
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    I'm also a newb and I've been considering the website you mentioned to purchase Momentum Scalping for profits. It's supposed to be an intro to interpretting Level 2 data. $298-anyone have any experience with that product?
  3. What do you guys expect...

    Do you think that a trader will jump on this thread and condone the purchase?

    The total of your 16 posts show that you lurk here and hopefully have read these boards, to get a grasp of how to trade.

    Michael B.

    P.S. Education is a great thing. Trading courses are an exception to the rule. There is no holy grail or correct way to trade...If you need to purchase courses and buy books in your quest you will be sorely disappointed. Find YOUR way and do the work. Stay consistent and read ET.

    P.S.S. The other that you are shills posting in hopes of contributors to keep this thread bumped forward. But ohhhh no of course not, I would never accuse you of this...excuse me, for insulting you...
  4. Intro to Level 2? I'm getting a flashback to 1999.

    See if they're offering a tape on the secrets of the SOES
  5. there is a thread about bestdaytrader on this site. very interesting. do a search.
  6. lol

    I would be willing to bet that this IS bestdaytrader trying to get some free advertising.

    If not, my apologies. Do a "Search" to find info on bestdaytrader on ET.

    IMO - avoid!!!
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    Thanks-did some thinking about it, and $300 seems way too pricey for a video, I've been reading ET for the afternoon and have already learned a lot. Thanks
  8. Welcome to ET and ask Baron (ET owner) to send you a t-shirt that saids...

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    I was accussed of being a tax accountant at HR Block after mentioning their service :cool:

  9. Nihaba...what do you charge? :) Just kidding (hey this is your shortest post in ET history, but seriously you have a lot to share).

  10. Dammit, I was not accused of anything after asking my first question... That feels really bad...:D :D
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