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  1. Swipe


    Cheap intra and daily charts for the dow mini the ymm3?

    Which package is good for this? I have IB but I think I want the back fill info too.
  2. Mytrack +sierra/aiqtep/amibroker
  3. Does a mechanic use cheap tools?

    Does a technician use cheap tools?

    Your question should center around efficiency first and value second....not are doomed to fail unless you change your attitude and get serious and treat this like a business.

    Michael B.
  4. mixer


    Im interested too

    how about inexpensive tools?

    I agreee with you, but Realtick at $300 is really not that much of a value, is it? Are there not other platforms that offer just as much if not more for less?
  5. When you bought your first car ever, could immediately afford Mercedes?

    Cheap software/data vendors are necessary for those who want to start from scratch, don't have a lot of money and can begin to develop strategies without even putting real money.

    Moreover, nowadays, there are some cheap but quality software.
  6. Realtick is the most reliable datafeed I have used.

    The best value would be e-signal as a datafeed used together with a stand-alone charting program such as Investor R/T, Ensign or Wealth Lab.

    Michael B.
  7. dbphoenix


    I agree. A lot of traders think that spending a lot of money on datafeeds and software will improve their results, but if their results need improving, they'd be better off working on themselves.

    I use IB and Sierra. Cost? $80/yr. Does everything I want it to do.

  8. Your comparison is not valid and a novice response.

    To trade futures is to graduate to a more leveraged environment. To do need to track every tick and count its value ...compared to the trivial cost of your tools.

    The point is...... If I were to gain just 1 tick per trade...this would offset any difference in the extra cost to obtain it.

    Michael B.
  9. dbphoenix


    That depends on the strategy you're using. If you're trading trends, a tick or two is irrelevant.

  10. Track every tick? Not sure about that. What you need is just a good trading plan.

    I have used cqg at 600/mth and mytrack+aiq at 100/mth and my performance is basically the same.
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