best/worst month of the year in history ?

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    This Sept looks doing great so far. In history, September looks terrible for all major indexes. Jan and Dec are usually great. To find out how bad or how good a month of year is, see the attached doc.

    Which month is the best/worst of the year for major indexes in history?

    I did not find satisfying information anywhere. I tried to do it myself
    using program aq. Here just share my results with anyone here
    interested. The results are based on data I currently have, Nasdaq
    from 1985 to current, Dow from 1960 and S&P500 from 1960. I use 5
    criteria to rank months from Jan (1) to Dec (12). These criteria are
    average percentage change, best case percentage change, worst case
    percentage change, median percentage change, and winning rate.

    A short summary here.

    By average percentage change, the best month for Nasdaq is Jan (3.93%)
    following by Dec (2.77%). The worst month for Nasdaq is Sept (-1.17%),
    July (-0.25). For Dow, the best April (1.67%), Jan (1.61%). The worst
    month for Dow is Sept (-1.22%), June (-0.28%). The best month for S&P
    500 is Jan (1.59%), following by Nov/Dec (1.54%). The worst month for
    S&P 500 is Sept (-0.85%), June (0.07%).


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    more details here.