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  1. Looking to get mobile broadband and was wondering what provider is best in terms of reliability and coverage ?

    Choices are




    Is 5gb enough for trading futures with only 1 chart and dom open ?
  2. Redneck


    5 Gig is plenty

    Go with the provider who has the best coverage where you’ll be trading

    Or the covers the most area if you’ll be traveling


    eta - I love mine and use it every day
  3. BSAM


    I think a Sprint 4g area is unlimited usage.
  4. drcha


    Yes, but 4G is spotty. However, the Sprint 4G cards have 3G capability also. No problem trading with that, even with two accounts up at once. I have been able to get coverage everywhere I have tried so far with Spring 3G, including a small town in the middle of nowhere.
  5. i have tried both spring 3g and verizon. i recall that there is a noticeable latency with either of them compared to cable (e.g. 40ms cable vs >120ms wireless)
  6. I use the Sprint 3G right now. But I would probably upgrade to Sprint 4G now. And as the poster above said, it is unlimited usage. Like he also said, there are some areas 4G doesn't work in, but you still connnect in 3G. You can check your area out via a map they have.

    I think Sprint is the winner here. Although I use it as a backup rather than as my primary internet.

  7. not sure 5g is enough. trading equities i would eat up about 1gb per day. few lvl2 open, sqk running. but it adds up really quickly. just download one of the software that monitors applications traffic use to get a better idea.
  8. Midas


    I use sprint (I live in FL) and have not nothing bad to say. It helps me get mobile so that I am not glued to my main computer when things are slow but I have to baby sit my positions.
  9. I live in the Chicago area, so chose to go with Sprint, since I can get 4G (noticeably faster than 3G) and it is unlimited. Works well downtown, although I ethernet the laptop at home. Sprint's 3G works well on the train, too. 4G can get spotty during the 35 mile ride home.

  10. Is anyone using a router with any of these wireless setups? If so, how reliable are they?
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