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  1. someone mentioned, which is a very good site that i had never heard of, so wondering if others have some that are relatively undiscovered but high quality and free.

    here's one to start: traders magazine. it's a free print magazine geared towards IB traders. talks about upcoming technological and rule changes
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  3. not trading related, but has a pretty good email newsletter that tells you about taxes, mortgages, etc.
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    Most people know about this one, but I still havent found a better corportate action calander site.
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    romik :D
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    I thought I could add my site to this list:

    The Super Stock Picker should be interesting for people looking for Canadian stock picks. Results are pretty solid and the service is totally free.

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    Does anyone know of magazines that deal with the following:

    1. Hedge Funds

    2. Money Managers

    3. Alternative Investments

    4. Asset Management

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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