Best websites for stock picks, forums, chat rooms?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by timbo66, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. timbo66


    Ex-daytrader here getting back into the game after a long break. There are SO MANY crappy websites out there offering a lot of junk, I need some advice.

    Can anyone share their favorite sites for:

    - Stock picks for day or swing trading
    - Forums/chat rooms with real day traders, not wannabees
    - Market insight, news & commentary

    I also see a LOT of subscription-based newsletters. You know the sites that scream "MAKE A MILLION USING OUR PROVEN TRADING STRATEGIES" and all that B.S. The thing is, I would be happy to pay for a GOOD newsletter. The trick is separating the gems from the crap. If you subscribe to any GOOD stock pick newsletter services, please let me know which ones you like.


  2. Hey Tim, probably best to look at a statistical method in my own opinion that wont have you guessing which stocks to buy or when to exit or get in. You might want to check something called harmonic trading. We do it with stocks, but you can look around online and get a lot of great resources.