best way to use time decay during long weekends

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  1. question says it all
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    One thing to keep in mind is that the decay takes place before the actual weekend so if you want to take advantage of that you need to be early, sometimes a couple of days early.
  3. question seems illogical.
  4. Markets price it in because everybody knows the long weekend is coming.

    Now if you have inside information about a surprise long weekend that no one else knows about, I'd say that is an edge you can use..
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  6. Go fishing? Weekends are good for fishing,going out with friends,etc., have a beer?

    Lots of good ways to use time decay during the weekends.
  7. oh wow, looks like i pissed off lot of folks, Not my intention. I tried to sell some before the long weekend and buy it back on the next open day and didn't seem like the price changed. MTE's answer makes sense and I like KINGOFSHORTS answer.

  8. I only dabble with options, but for what it's worth, you might look into placing your short order upon Thursday's close, or even the afternoon session, Thursday. If you didn't notice much change, other factors may have impacted premium. Was there a spike in volatility being factored in by Monday morning's opening print?
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    Certainly the best answer to this question.
  10. If you pick a stock like FAS and sell both puts and calls with same delta on thursday and buy it back on Monday , there should be decent money once can make. The only problem is the stock should not go up in IV or up or down by a lot.

    I am going to try it out next long weekend.
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