Best way to turn 225K to 1 Million

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by cubsguy81, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Thoughts on the best way to turn 225K to 1 Million?
  2. jazzsax


    iraqi dinars!!

  3. One way I wouldn't try is betting on the Cubs ... (sorry if you're a big fan).
  4. The answer lies in the OTC structured product. Paradoxically, you can't access those markets with 225k.
  5. nor can you ever unwind or get out of the trades.
  6. ElCubano


    on contrair mon fraire...if you are in before a program starts you can unwind much more than 1 mill over the course of a week or so...
  7. I believe he's referring to OTC exotics. He's incorrect, but I've no interest in proving him wrong.
  8. Bet your farm on solar stocks.
  9. Put those wind-driven propeller blades in between the rows of crops with cellular telephone antennas on top of the support tower(s).
  10. Put it all on red. Then black. Then red again.

    You'll have your million plus an extra $800K.
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