best way to trade multiple markets with TWS

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by funky, Dec 29, 2003.

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    i know there are alot of APIs out there for IB's TWS, but most of them are good for just trading one market at a time, right? so what does everyone use to trade 2 or more stocks at a time?

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    really? i didn't even know wealth-lab was a good interface for trading....hmmm, i'll investigate, thanks!
  4. WLD3 has an interface and is geared for trading multiple markets automatically. I know many WLD3 users that use this feature.
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    i just read up on ninjatrader (what i use right now), and you actually can open more than 1 instance of the program up!

    now i just need to get one of those new 23"ers..... :D
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    I use NT too but using it for more than one market is complicated. have been trialing Buttontrader and that is SO easy to use with as many as you want.
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    ok, thanks. i'll try it out. why is NT complicated with more than one market, might i ask?
  8. NT is not complicated. All you need to do is copy the contents from the original install into another folder. Specific instructions can be found the FAQ page of

    V3 of NT will be released within a few weeks which includes the capabiity to trade multiple markets.

    Since you are subscribers, you already have access to V3.
  9. I always wonder how they handle REAL money mangement on the various orders? Another thing that Iwould not prefer is having one software company depending on another software company. But I guess everyones has his preferences.
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    ideally, i wanted people to tell me what they use and why. i'm very happy for everyone who is trying to sell their software, but please do that on another thread...thanks! (and that goes for raymond and everyone else)
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