Best way to trade 10 round trips per month at Tradestation

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  1. After getting bad fills and having trailing stops that don't execute about 40% of the time I'm finally ready to move my trading away from Tradestation. However, I'd like to keep it so I need to trade 10 round trip futures per month.

    Can anyone suggest a good strategy to fire off these 10 trades which will get me in/out at the same basic price (maybe losing a tick or two at the most)?

  2. I thought about of doing 10 trades by trading with myself, but i am afraid i might get in trouble with the CFTC, so i just closed the account. So, the plan i had in mind is to hit your own bid and lift your own offer in the overnight market or thinnly trading contract (Rough rice, mini euro/jpy fx, mini RBOB heating oil just to name a few) when the bid ask spread is wide and get the 10 trades done that way.

    You could try it, that way you dont lose on the bid ask spread and only pay the 5 bucks in commision

    Good luck!
  3. Sounds like my everyday strategy!
    But remember the commissions they will add also.
    So, on top of a potentially bad fill, a losing turn, do you really want to add insult with the commission? Treat it like your regular account, trade it! You won't go broke making a profit.
  4. trading with yourself in a thin market 10 rts a month will not prompt a cftc investigation. They have much more importent things to deal with.
  5. Don't mean to condescend, but if you can't absorb the TS monthly fees as a small cost of running a trading business, then you most likely can't afford to trade. I use TS as a data feed and wouldn't dream of using that sorry platform to trade.
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    So what do you trade through?
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    wait after 7:30 am then fade the extreme ticks.

    If the ticks measure between +/-800 before 7:30, then most likely it will be in this range for another 30 mins. Fade the ER at market when the ticks get to that upper or lower range. YOu will have to be quick or you will miss it. After awhile, you can read the ticks so well that the stop loss will be minimal and your account will actually grow.

    But honestly, if you cannot afford the TS platform fees/commissions/other cost associated with trading, you have no business trading at all.
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