Best way to short VXX

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bigspeculate, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. So what's the best way to go short vxx without losing your shirt when it explodes higher?
  2. puts are always undervalued.. theres the money answer.. limited risk buy puts on jumps up in the vix
  3. Why are the puts always undervalued?
    Who would short these puts if they usually expire in the money?
  4. exactly they expire in the money.. i was saying buy the under valued puts.. don't short them!!!! best on spikes in the vix...
  5. shorting put = selling a put
    long a put = buying a put...

    to get short in the underlying in a limited risk way.. you just buy a put!

    they aren't priced alot of times because of the excessive roll cost of the ETF thats hard to price into the options..