Best way to learn very basic programming to apply in real retail trading

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  1. manstein


    Hello guys.

    First, forgive my ignorance in this issue. I do not have real experience in programming.

    I was reading this topic: Best programming language for trading?
    I found it interesting but got a bit confused. Too many opinions. Many say Python, others C++, others Java, others this or that.

    My case is specific and I would like your advice.

    I am in Europe and trade mainly Mt4, mt5, tradingview, ninjatrader, some web based own broker platform, etc..

    I do not need anything too complicated at all. I would just like to write simple automation for simple rules like, for example, buy when RSI is 50 and TP and SL is 3% os asset price.

    1. Do you think it would be best to learn something like programming in Python or C++ and try to bridge my robots/scripts to those apps (mt4, tradingview, ninjatrader, IB, etc...)?

    2. Or would it be better to learn the basic coding in those platforms and do the work there directly?
  2. RedDuke


    My suggestion would be Ninjatrader. Code is written in C# and it has a huge support community. Their functions take care a lot of headache away once you use managed approach for their strategies. Also, if the rules are simple you
    Might not even need to write code, but use their strategy wizards.
  3. manstein


    Yes, I was thinking about something like that.

    For very simple code try to use already created strategies in the specific communities (ninja, mt4, etc) and start experimenting..

  4. qlai


    What do you mean by this? You want to write a stand alone program that will use your platform API to receive data and send orders? If you don't know coding, definitely #2. For example, I don't think any platform has a way to provide you RSI readings via api. You would need to calculate everything yourself.
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  5. gaussian


    I wrote a fairly comprehensive review of which languages to choose here. Please use the search function next time. The linked post is literally in the top 5 posts of this sub-forum.
  6. InvBox


    C# with no doubt.

    There was an option several years ago between Java and C#, when Java was portable and C# not. Today C# portable as well but C# has rich UI friendly set that Java doesn't have.

    In Internet many online course for any programming language (free and paid). Just use the best for you.

    See my thread (MQL->C# converter)
  7. Congratulation
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  8. momoNY


    If your strategies are that simple, then learn how to use strategy wizards or proper language of the platform you are using, but then, make sure you will not change platform any time soon.
  9. themickey


    For simplest, I would reccomend Sierrachart and go the way of using MS Excel language.
    All formulas you would use for coding would be the same as for Excel.
    Sierrachart is quite a substantial piece of software whereby you can automate your trading, but I WOULD NOT suggest using it in conjunction with Interactive Brokers, you will end up going insane.
  10. userque



    I believe NT rates higher than MT according to casual research I've done.

    You can get going right away by using the NT Strategy Builder. No programming needed.

    Later, you could learn C#. C# can be used to make more customized strategies/indicators in NT. And it is a powerful, well used, General Programming Language.
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