best way to invest in gold?

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  1. Looking at longer term charts gold could pull back into its 200 day moving average at around $380. This might be a good price to get some gold.

    What is the best way to invest in gold? Gold funds, bars, bullions, pool accounts?

    Which companies or websites offer the best deals? So far I've only heard of Kitco. They have something called pool accounts. Pool accounts have a smaller spread compared to buying gold bullion. Can anyone explain the benefits and drawbacks of using pool accounts compared to by physical gold?
  2. Buy goldminers like AAUK.
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    Why not buy some future contracts, a couple of mouse clicks..
  4. gold until the price drops to the 200s.
  5. Invest in gold?
    For a trade is understandable but invest?
    Invest in equities not commodities.
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    How long is your timeframe when you use the word "invest" ?

  7. Anyone you know get rich off "investing in gold?" Most people who talk about investing are in a long term timeframe. Most "gold bugs" who tout the yellow rock are those missed out on one of the greatest bull markets of all time with their obsession of this frivilous metal.

    We understand why investing in equities makes sense and why they rise over the long term. Whats the reasoning for investing in the yellow rock ?
  8. The basics reason has already been explained:

    07-08-03 02:15 PM
    Does rise of gold really mean edge against inflation ?
    In Conclusion of The History of Gold
    by Martin A. Armstrong
    © Princeton Economic Institute

    "In [...] overview of financial history, one striking common theme arises from the trials and tribulations of man - gold rises NOT as a hedge against mere inflation, but as a hedge against the UNSOUND PRACTICES OF GOVERNMENT and/or POLITICAL UNCERTAINTY. Steady rising inflation DOES NOT act as an underlying support mechanism for gold. Its role within the modern investment strategy is a hedge against political and economic uncertainty. Gold has always risen the MOST when the confidence in the government is at its LOWEST!

    The illustration of gold's rise in the face of declining confidence in government is endless. The hoarding of gold was so severe during the Great Depression that Roosevelt ended up outlawing the private ownership of gold and confiscated everything the government could find. Quite a drastic police state tactic. Nevertheless, it did happen here in the United States!"
  9. Actually I wasn't planning to invest in gold. I used the wrong word. Sorry guys. I was leaning more towards a longer term trade and a hedge in case we get a worldwide depression. History shows that no governments can last forever. Take a look at all the mighty empires and dynasties of the past. Where are the now?
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