Best way to Invest in Gold/Silver? Need Opinions?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by F-Trader, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. I just want to diversify my Portfolio.

    I already have Real Estate, Stocks, etc...

    Looking to invest about $25,000 - $50,000 in "Physical" Gold/Silver.

    I want a Combo of Gold and Silver. I want the actual (Physical possession) Commodity.

    Should I invest in Silver coin (Kennedy half dollars in heavy bags), bars of silver, silver coins, etc... The same would apply to Gold.

    I don't really care about Short term/Long term return on investment, just another form of diversification. Buy & Hold strategy.

    I made a nice chunk of change investing in Silver back in the early 80's, I actually was buying heavy bags and storing them. Not really sure if this is done anymore. Silver was $50 an ounce then, LOL.

    I already have "Investment" grade Diamonds, so please don't mention this in your response.

    Looking for Metals. (I also have collectible cars, please don't mention these either).

    In addition, where would I purchase these metals?
    Can I buy online?
    How is the metal delivered to my home?

    Thanks in advance.

    Mac :)
  2. ramuk



    You can purchase it online and have it delievered to your
    home at an additional cost.

    Also, has a forum with lots
    of knowledgeable folks about gold/silver.

    Perhaps you should pose your question there.
  3. Thanks, very helpful info.

    Anyone else have any suggestions or sites to visit?

    Thanks again.

    Mac :cool:
  4. yabz


    The best way to invest in gold, IMO, is to do what Asians do which is to buy gold jewelry. The advantage is that providing you can find a piece you like, you get the pleasure of actually using and doing something with your investment ie wearing it; even if gold goes down in value your investment isn't totally wasted.

    It only makes sense if you buy 23 or 24 karat gold jewelry which (here in Thailand) is only a few $$ over the spot price.