Best way to get W7 to hold size/position of windows?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Scataphagos, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. How do you guys get W7 to hold size and position of your windows in Extended Desktop? Apparently this feature isn't "automatic" in W7 as it is in XP.

  2. Turn off Aero, Snap, Peek, etc.

    I'm not sure what any of them do, but I shut them all off and I don't have the problem. I did have problems with windows not staying where I put them until I turned that shit off.
  3. Not sure what you meant Scataphagos. Windows 7 works pretty well for me. 6 monitors to 10 monitors. 3 computers. All have different TradeStation "desktops" running with different sizes and positions. All are rememeberd between reboots.
  4. Mr_You


    Isn't this an application problem and not an operating system problem?

    Check with your applications settings or support.
  5. W7 is a hardware ??? Not sure what OP means either, sounds like an app problem though
  6. No, an OS problem... apparently common and well documented.
  7. I sized a window for IE9 to be smaller than to fill the entire monitor... when I restarted the browser, my sizing is ignored. (Fresh install of W7, no other apps installed.)

    Apparently there is some 3rd party app for this... just wondering if that was a common solution or if there were others those with multi-apps running would use.
  8. +1 for you, Mr. Thread Nazi... "W7" is NOT hardware.
  9. In System, I set it for "best performance"... saved about 400MB of RAM, but didn't alter the sizing problem.
  10. Read the PM I sent you about shutting it off. Simple fix. I think it's called the aero-peek-snapper-crapper-motherfucker or something like that.
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