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  1. AcetylCoA1 and 2 influence the production of Malonyl CoA, this in turn influences the length of the carbon chain in various fatty acids.

    AceytlCoA1 and 2 are carboxylated in the process associated with oxygen debt and over time this causes the body to shift from burning predominately sugar (Glucose) to burning (a little more) fat.

    We can start there I guess.
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  2. Lay off the jelly donuts. I'm by most accounts an old geezer, but if you saw the guns on me you'd probably shit yourself

    "Arnold" Rennick:cool:

    ps. the smiley face with shades above reminds me of myself at Venice beach pumping iron.
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  3. The carboxylation redox IS Mal CoA!

    HCO3- + ATP + acetyl CoA > ADP + Pi + malonyl-CoA
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  4. My experience is that cyclic ketogenic diets will work better than anything else. By cyclic we mean that periods of ketosis (not to be confused with ketoacidosis) will be altered with periods of no ketosis. Without going into exhaustive detail, you deplete the muscles and liver of glycogen, then carb load, coast for a few days, then repeat.

    I've used this technique to prepare for (and win) several bodybuilding shows without loss of muscle mass. The naysayers may scoff, but I started competing over 20 years ago, and this has never failed. And, no, drugs are not necessary.

    Riskarb, you are correct in stating that caloric restriction is not the way to go. What this does, as calories are progressively lowered (which they need to be on these "straight-line" diets to continue losing weight), is suppress thyroid function, and catabolize amino acids from muscle (amino acids can be stripped of their nitrogen group via deamination to create a sort of carb), thus reducing muscle mass.

    This does get a bit complicated and requires monitoring urine for ketone body levels, but it is truly elegant and works better than anything else I've tried (and if there's a mistake to have been made, at one point or another I've made it LOL!)

    And thanks, too, Trader273 for trying to keep the bicep-curlers out of the Squat Rack!!
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  5. Many thanks to Steve for crudely outlining the pathway to FA synthesis.

    Trader56 -- CKD's are certainly a safer alternative to a full-blown Atkins diet.
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  6. Yes, first I don't recognize that as correct. I might look into it, if I can get up the energy to give a shit.

    Second, what I remember is that Malonyl inhibits carnatine palmityl which regulates (limits) the entry of fatty acids into the mitochondria. Bottom line is reduction of AcetylCoA leads to increased catalysis (read reduction of bodyfat). As I recall the work was documented. Don't have the citation off the top of my head. What I was told by some excellent physicians, was that this "inhibition" of AcetylCoA could be facilitated by increased periodic stress of 1.) wind sprints, 2. Exercise bike sprints, or 3. any similar stressor that taxed the body's ability to produce short term energy "on demand" (and concurrently the pulmonary exchange of oxygen and CO2).

    Now after all that. Again who gives a shit..As I have said. I know it works. I have used it....I have nothing to sell...Couldn't care less about the bullshit "Part Deux" jokes...make use of it, ignore it..either way....

    Wonderful speaking with you all

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  7. I wasn't shitting on your lawn; nor was the "part deux" comment a rip. I was simply curious as to the depth of your knowledge on the subject.
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  8. hey risk,
    i'm wondering what is your background. you seem way out there freaky smart. take some of the jack your makin and cure cancer:cool:
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  9. Thats it. Thats all I know.

    I am just the poor bastard who believed it as a young kid and puked my guts out on a rowing ergometer (many times) in the process of trying to make a couple of Olympic teams.

    As I understand it now, the "puking" part was not necessary (not at first anyway). Apparently the inhibition of AcetylCoA starts to occur shortly after one enters into oxygen debt.



    No, didn't make it.
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  10. Did you ever have your VO2 recorded?
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