Best way to get rid of my handles

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  1. For nutrition Gnome and Illiquid had that covered ...

    Not for the faint of heart, but assuming you are in decent shape add this to your arsenal:

    I started this in Feb/06..the gains are unreal, and amazing.


    2/06 5-6 parallel dips 1 set/max

    7-06 17-20 parallel dips 1set/max

    Good look
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  2. Raven


    Exercise (any kind) is not the key to losing
    'handles' (fat weight)....calorie restriction IS.
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  3. ElCubano


    there is no such thing as spot reduction, by trying to do specific excersises that you think will isolate the area...the bottom line is you have to do what this guy posted...
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  4. Raven


    correct.fat is lost from all over but some may never lose their 'handles' unless they get very very lean. the leaner you go the more muscle you lose too
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  5. I second that. HIIT is very effective for for getting to low and ultra-low body fat %.

    Also, I came up with this revolutionary concept for surefire weight-loss:

    Consume less calories than you expend.

    It's going to change the world I tell ya!

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  7. skepticaltrader

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    Try home liposuction:D No you better not. Someone died the other day from that procedure.
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  8. seen how they do that?:eek:

    Good advice all round, i guess, i posted a link to a site that also has some good gear, seems to have vanished:confused:

    But, this is important, do not work the obliques - the oblique abdominal muscles respond very well to training, and for your desired objective, will be totally counterproductive. They will actually accentuate any "handles", and due to the muscle structure dont just "thin down" with extreme cardio/diet like some other muscle groups.

    Of course, you could just be stoked with how fit you are, and forget about appearance...........
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  9. I have a question...If you sit in the jacuzzi for 10 minutes after a workout, will it facilitate weight loss?
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  10. Are you serious? No, it won't help fat-loss, but it will help recovery. I'd recommend stretching for 10-15 minutes after a workout, get something to eat (500-700 calories of carb & protein in 4:1 ratio), then go sit in the jacuzzi. Follow up with a massage and regular meal a couple hours later. Just be sure to keep 500-calorie deficit or so a day.

    illiquid's right on with the fat-burning and exercise intensity. While fat-burning percentage is high at low-intensities, total calories from fat is low. The maximum fat-loss rate that's safe and sustainable is about 1.0-1.5 lbs/wk, which equates to a 500-calorie deficit per day. Just eat 2000 calories and burn off 2500; that's really only about 500-750 more than normal metabolism, about 1-hour of exercise per day.

    Here's an article I wrote on fat-burning at various intensities: BikeForums - Burning Fat/Burning Glycogen. Basically, you want to exercise at a high enough intensity to burn off as many calories/hr as you can for the duration you're doing. I ride 2-7 hours/day and my pace on the 2-hour ride is definitely faster than the 7-hour ride to Malibu and back (130-miles).

    The only problem with HIT is that you can't keep it up for long and you can't burn off as many calories/hr. This is best on shorter days workouts. Then on longer days, keep a steady high pace for the entire duration.

    Also be careful about muscle-loss due to too fast of weight-loss and too large of a calorie-deficit. What happens during exercise is you burn off the glycogen supply in the muscle. The 30-minutes after the the workout is a magic time when your body's sucking in nutrients for rebuilding. If you don't re-supply enough carbs & proteins during this time, your body will actually disassemble perfectly good muscle, convert it into glucose and replenish your muscle's glycogen supply with that. So if you don't eat right after a workout, your body will literally be eating itself for recovery.

    This muscle loss then results in fitness plateaus because you'll end up with fatigue and won't be able to work out day after day. You'll actually get weaker and slower with time as well and your workouts will cease to be effective and teh weight-loss will stop. It'd also be a good idea to hit the gym 2-3 times a week to build up your muscle-strength, not necessarily size. Stronger muscles are more efficient and can generate more power and burn off more calories/hr for any given oxygen consumption.
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