Best way to get rid of my handles

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  1. I see from the replies that its going to be tough one. I guess I can add more cardio although I am doing it 3-4 times a week. A question, when on the treadmill I see the heartrate chart which states that the higher my HR the more cardio it works. When I am running my HR is 155-165 the cardio zone, the fat burning zone is around 115-135, does it really make a difference? To get in that heart rate zone I would have to go down to practically a fast walk.
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  2. I enjoy running but don't take things that seriously, just a means to an end fwiw.

    Looks interesting, though it would seem kinda difficult to correct one's own form in motion w/o say videotaping yourself.
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  3. I think the "fat burning" zone is somewhat misleading, I believe it's true that after a certain point in HR you will max out your fat burning rate for that session of exercise, but you will actually burn more fat overall the harder you work. If you can comfortably maintain a higher HR and have a heathly pulmonary system to begin with, then I suggest you keep up the pace.

    In fact, some people swear by HIIT (high intensity interval training) for fat burning and muscle maintenance, whereby you sprint for short bursts -- the opposite of low-intensity high-duration cardio. The theory emphasizes that a greater amount of fat burning occurs at recuperation and rest, rather than during the exercise itself. But I'd just recommend you stick to running for distance atm.

    I'm no expert on the stuff, so someone correct me if I'm misinformed.

    edit: and don't drastically cut calories, in fact you might even start eating more after you start adding cardio to your weekly routine. More important is to be mindful of what you are eating; cut out soda (even diet soda), chips, fast food, candy, etc. Eating cleaner would rank as a much higher goal than reducing caloric intake.
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  4. i agree with everyone else..that is cool ..and probably excellent for older people that don't want to get injured.

    the price needs to get under $500 though..
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  5. Well this is suppose to rid a very high percentage of injuries (and joint stress) that are from the typical running can't go wrong there I would think.
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    I think illiquid is correct.

    I have burned off my handles twice in my life. Once with stepping up my running routine and once, cutting out soda, eating mostly protein and vegetables and working out twice a day.

    That low intensity stuff just had no effect once It got to being in normal shape. I think I would have to walk 25 miles a day to get to a body fat level that got rid of handles.

    Interestingly, I also find playing serious tennis in florida heat to be an excellent way to burn off fat. I am almost at the stage where the only fat left will be my handles. It will be interesting to see if I have start running to finish the job.

    I really do not like running.
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    1. Limit to 2000 calories per day.

    2. Write down everything you eat.

    3. Eat like a diabetic... 5 small meals per day.
    a. Some protein at every meal
    b. Complex carbos and fruit
    c. Starchy foods limited to 2 servings per day... 1 cup rice = 1 serving.

    4. Easy on the fats.

    5. No sugary foods, no salty carbo snacks (like chips or pretzels).

    After 30 days, it will seem easy.
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  8. Yep, that's what I do. It's a bit painful, but the whole workout takes about 15 min, and I do it every other day. Ya need recovery days between sprint workouts. I NEVER jog anymore. I hate it. I don't even think its natural.

    I use the "Super 8" method: a five min jog just to warm up, and then one half speed sprint to be sure nothing is gonna tear. (BTW, stretching only helps AFTER your muscles are really warm, and that would be a 20 min jog, so I don't bother beforehand. I DO stretch at the very end of the workout though).

    Anyway, its a series of 8 sprints, as hard as you can possibly push for 30 seconds, followed by however long it takes you to recover between each. It doesn't sound like much, but by the 5th one, you're struggling. You will find speed increase, and recovery time drop within a few weeks. Pulse rate and fat % comes off too. For me anyway.

    If you have anything left after 30 seconds of this BTW, you are going too slow! For the rest of my body I just windsurf about 5 days per week.

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  9. The Power Plate is a quintessential tool in anti-aging and for living a longer healthier life.

    Funny, I aged just reading that sentence. Wonder how it works...
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  10. I see an athletic injury specialist weekly (I have a bad knee - I was a baseball catcher through high school/college, caused some joint damage). This doctor practices what he preaches - marathons, triathlons - you name it - the guy is in his 50's and in better shape than me. I'm 27 and very fit - so thats saying a lot about his abilities.

    Anyway, he's the one telling me that running, with proper form will actually strenghten the joints and muscles around the knees and reduce pain and further age induced degeneration. Basically his MO is that I should be running through the pain and thats how I'm going to heal my knee fully. Well, I've been running 4x per week for the last 2 years (3-5 miles per session) and he's right. I hardly ever have pain anymore. I now believe he is right - unfortunately, most people when they feel pain from running, usually stop altogether. They really shouldn't stop running (I personally think its the most effective way to fat loss and stamina), they just need to run in proper form with good posture -using the muscles in your core rather than just your legs.

    Trust me on this, if you run 4x per week and try to do at least 3 miles at 8min per mile, the fat will be all gone in a matter of months.
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